Wednesday, 7 April 2010

#32 Exhibition

The exhibition went up Wednesday morning, we got everything up in a record 5 hours :) Everything went okay, surprisingly things sold and astonishingly people were exclaiming "wow what a bargain..." when we told them the price!

I had a few pieces that were on show and for sale that i havent shown online before, so heres a few:

have realised how much i like Whitstable, and in the future we should definitely concentrate on Whitstable's patronage.

 The people of Whitstable are so nice and friendly, approachable, especially the shop keepers, i'm really glad they've got the scheme to help save local independent stores.

Unavoidably there are some left over bits for sale, on the Whirlygig Folksy Shop
But we will be selling some cards and bags that are left over from the exhibition in the shop next door :) (on the left - Pearl and Hemmingway) if you missed it and happen to end up in the area.

You can read more about the exhibition on the Whirlygig Blog  :)

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