Wednesday, 24 February 2010

#28 mum

Was my mums birthday yesterday, her present hadn't arrived, so i did some drawings...

They're nothing special - mum friendly. might see if i can turn them into mothers day cards.

i really want this book :/

Thursday, 18 February 2010

#27 Guardian Editorial

 A practice mini project set by uni, i really like doing them but always find that i mess up the final illustration. which is dissapointing, as you can imagine. This is probably the best editorial illustration i've done, maybe par GAY Canterbury

Avid fans of the Magic 8 Ball will notice that the illustration is not 100% correct, but i chose to use grey for around the triangle of omnipresence, as it just made the illustration pop out a bit more, especially when attached to the rest of the article.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

#26 week two of a little life drawing

Life drawing is amazing, This is Morris, even though i've drawn him a million times, each time is different. I've been drawing him for 3 years now and today he commented on how i have developed. I was touched. :)

Week 2:
more to come, but they're A2... so more work is involved in scanning them in :)

Monday, 15 February 2010

#25 sock it to me

The card sale went well we raised around about the mark of £100, FROM CARDS! :D we really appreciate everyone who made a design and helped out manning the shop, folding and trimming. unavoidably we still have some designs left over, so if you want any cards (they're not all valentines) i will be posting some up around the internet in the next few days.

 I have entered a competition today for sock brand 'sock it to me' through the Print and Pattern blog, they just want some interesting designs... so i thought the crumpets and crabsticks would be an interesting 'thing' on a pair of socks, and i really should be doing my uni work, so i whipped one up real quick in illustrator... you can send in up to 5 designs, so i think i might do some more during the week.

Yeh... tell me what you think, i really like doing patterns and fabric design, but its all a bit new to me, so we'll see.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

#24 yet more cards

...and there are more to come, as its both my parents birthdays this month. :)

Brown these ones, as theres always too much red and pink around valentines, hope you like, will be selling all the cards next week. if you're interested let me know :)

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

#23 more cards

It's the boyfriends birthday,
i designed him a little card - more his style than mine, as its his birthday not mine :) I call him Salmon, as a pet name, so yeh, its Salmon skin with some other textures and stuff...
...Then i remembered over the summer, i was asked to design an anniversary card for an old friend, but he was very specific as to what he wanted - one of their wedding photos with happy anniversary on it. :) so thats what i did, and i printed it off on some lovely wedding quality card put some addition leaves of paper in the middle and printed off happy anniversary in the same font in grey with some glowwy bits, AND then made an envelope out of similar quality paper. Looked really nice in the end.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

#22 a few valentines cards

I'm not a massive fan of Valentines, i've only ever got a handful of cards from boyfriends, and never one from an annonymous sender :( i hate the way they're always a little too cutsey, and i find them a little cringe-worthy. So i tried a few more of my own... i left words out because i think its the words that make me feel uncomforable, and when you're trying to explain how you feel, the words that come pre-printed in a card, often, cant get it 100% right, (this is probably due to watching the film 500 Days of Summer)