Wednesday, 19 May 2010

#36 First day of the rest of my life

The end of an Era, the begining of another.
Yesterday i handed in my final major project. in  my eyes i have actually left uni.
I am pooping my pants.
As is, i imagine everyone.

I'm struggling with making a flash gallery for our website 
So - if anyone knows of any free ones, or if anyones willing to help out, i'd be mega grateful.

BUT i have some other stuff going on (get me):
I think i'm working with Training them live, who are taking over YOG gigs that i've volunteered with for like... 3 years or something. I'll be helping them with the design aspect, i get to work with a real life webdesigner so i wont be held back by my basic knowledge of Dreamweaver.

I'm doing some sketches for a local band called 'Avenge Thee + Naime' for some album\single art, maybe a t-shirt or two, which i am enjoying doing. Let's hope they like and use what i do. :)

Monday, 10 May 2010


What have i been doing with the last month?!

It seems i just ended up taking lots of photos of my desk space. Procrastination

I will show you all of my major work when its complete, :) and i have a few 'jobs'/projects lined up for when thats done. so should be back upto speed ina few weeks.

I hope you like these pictures at least