Saturday, 1 March 2014

Library - Day 1

I have been working on a project with the Henry Noble Library in Douglas. They have asked me to make the Library a bit interesting for the month of February. 

I chose to postpone mentioning anything online so as not to draw attention to it while it was happening. I wanted it to be something people stumbled upon, not something people seeked out.

 Each day i went in and added a little something, i saw it as an opportunity to treat the regular 'customers', an opportunity to make some people smile, or make them question why i did what i did.

February 1st - 

 So here is the first day. i simply made a hella lot of tiny bookmarks shaped like baby seedlings and placed them in horticulture related books. The section looked like it had come alive over night. Like Totoro had been and done his thing. I visited regularly throughout the month and topped them up, as to be expected, some of the books were taken on lease, and some were taken home regardless. :)