Monday, 15 February 2010

#25 sock it to me

The card sale went well we raised around about the mark of £100, FROM CARDS! :D we really appreciate everyone who made a design and helped out manning the shop, folding and trimming. unavoidably we still have some designs left over, so if you want any cards (they're not all valentines) i will be posting some up around the internet in the next few days.

 I have entered a competition today for sock brand 'sock it to me' through the Print and Pattern blog, they just want some interesting designs... so i thought the crumpets and crabsticks would be an interesting 'thing' on a pair of socks, and i really should be doing my uni work, so i whipped one up real quick in illustrator... you can send in up to 5 designs, so i think i might do some more during the week.

Yeh... tell me what you think, i really like doing patterns and fabric design, but its all a bit new to me, so we'll see.

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