Friday, 26 March 2010

#30b another bird in hat and exhibition

i forgot a bird in hat! :(
Poor Bower bird, or Gardener bird - which for some reason i thought he was called, but Attenborough proved me wrong, again!.

Well, the Bower bird to a degree is the bird i thought best suited my personality, like the Bower i like to collect things, pretty things, i am aware that this is pretty common in those who deem themselves creative, but the other girls in my collective have obvious other bird-like traits.
Jane is very wise, so of course would be an Owl - probably wearing a beret, not because she's french, or a pretention arty painter type, or any other obvious stereotype, she just wears dresses in what she likes, (images will follow)
Jenny has to be a seagull, not because of their scavenger behaviour or anything like that - just because she seems to love them. Yes a seagull wearing a Top hat, perhaps an 'Ongina' Top hat.
Louise would be purple, perhaps a Blue Jay or a Purple Martin, but the bird would have to be innocent, bt also a bit energetic/mental, her hat would be probably something like a deer stalker? Something on-trend.
Jacqueline's hat would be something vintage, perhaps a floppy hat, or what i would call a 'Blousy Brown hat', the bird that would represent Jacqueline would have to be anything with a massive breast, like a Magnificent Friggate because in all honestly i dont know Jacqueline that well yet, but i have learnt alot over the last month or so, enough to realise i wish we'd been friends since the first year of uni - the same with all the girls in our collective actually. :)

All these Birds in hats will be visible at our forthcoming Exhibition, details on this lovely poster:

Image by Jennifer Burke, poster layout by me

can you tell i'm trying to write more?

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  1. That little paragraph about me brought a tear to my eye (and i love blousey brown)