Friday, 16 April 2010

#31b the goat pattern - printed onto tote bags.

Before in blog number #31, i showed you a design, of goats repeated in a pattern, (see left) i thought i had mentioned my plans to screen print it onto canvas bags - well it seems i didn't mention it, but here are some photos. 
They can be bought in a shop in Whitstable called 'Pearl and Hemmingway', they come in this grey, and the 'UCA green'.

They might be for sale at our Folksy Store at some point in the near future - so keep an eye out.

You may have also noticed that i've set it as my background - gives you a better idea of what its like on a larger scale. :) I hope you like it, if you do, let me know and i might think about printing it on more things.  

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