Friday, 15 January 2010

#18 Minor Queuing

Minor Project is finally finished:

this article  These books kind of started it all? They have been undeniably important to my project, and i reccomend them to any one who is interested in behaviour, especially the strange behaviour executed by the brittish citizen.

I currently designing spring greetings cards, inc valentines, mothers day, and birthdays.

Entire queue as a postcard:


  1. Looks great, id say that was more Major queuing than Minor queuing, hahaha, i slay me!

    Good to see everyone chipping in with getting it up on the wall too!

  2. I noticed it on the wall when I was on my way out of uni today. It looks great! :D

  3. have u printed these as postcards? and if so are you giving them out, would love one. looking very good.

  4. i will look into how cheap i can get them :)