Friday, 8 January 2010

#15 books and drawings

i just bought this book, mainly because i searched 'peepshow collective' in amazon
a few members of Peepshow have taught sessions at uni, and they seems to know what they're doing... so i thought id see if they had any books, and this book has them in an excerp... and its kind of everything i like about illustration. the more... designy aspect of it.

Also i got this for christmas. It's pretty awesome. Its all about the more... hand made aspect of graphic design thats been in fashion for a while, anti computer. It has some really nice looking illustrators in it.

There's so many books i want at the moment. :/ The snow is melting. Sad Times.

so this is what i've done so far with my minor:

each length is about one metre by 20cm

the project is about Queues, obviously. I intended on using queues because they are a tangible aspect of Brittish Etiquette that i could go out and draw and watch and study. My intention was to capture aspects of behaviour and body language in my drawings that viewers could associate with.
At the moment i am deciding whether to make it into a book, or present it in a large scale format for wall occupation.  There are more metres to come, Hopefuly i will be able to draw school children, if the snow will allow me before the deadline.

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