Tuesday, 5 January 2010

#14 New year, Old work.

I know it's the New year, and everyones thinking about resolutions and the future, but, New year is when i back up my files... so i've unavoidably looked through my old work. (and feel a little ashamed)
here's some of my favourite stuff from the last year or so...

Self Portrait

Book cover Brief

Tattoo Design Commission

Shooting at Metal


Allotment watching

Jonny the Skin head Seagul, part of a book i did with LeGun illustration in a day workshop

Christmas card. Inside Joke including Pascan Illustration http://pascanillustration.blogspot.com/

I hope this give who ever you are a better understanding of what my work is like... and what i like to do.
i've collected a bit of a back log of work to blog at the moment as ive leant my scanner to someone for a while. but yeh, expect an influx soon.

Also, as its the new year i have started a little personal project that forces me to draw everyday. This is part of the 'Indie Visual Journal' Blog http://indievisualjournal.blogspot.com/2010/01/watermelonjanuary.html so far i've drawn every day (yay) also coming up in the new year is the 'explorer' side project which will be published, and more greetings cards.

I hope you all had an interesting christmas and new year.

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