Monday, 5 July 2010

Home screen making

Hey it's been a while, been busy with full time work ruining my life, and there was the Whitstable Biennale one day exhibition which was awesome, met some really interesting people, and they got me inspired. :)

two of these lovely people are in this photo (left to right) is Amy Curtis, Mark Sosbe and myself.
The exhibition was in this amazing caravan, the walls were all curved and interesting to post work up in. 

I submitted my final major project work, and had postcards for sale, was a good day had by all : )

Photos courtesy of Mark Sosbe

Gonna be screen printing very soon, made my own screen this weekend. :D was dead exciting.Buying the emulsion and squeegees everything this week.

So yeh, i bought some big flat frames from a charity shop, the small one was £1.50, the big one £3.90. (get in!) the massive amount of material was £2.99.

And it's not very interesting in hindsight but, i jus cut out a square of the fabric a lot bigger than the frame, and stapled it down, i would reccomend using a staple gun, i didnt have one, but a friend Simon reccomended that using a stapler works just as fine (yes and no - works, but is very awkward and messy) Oh, make sure you neaten up all the pins, get rid of any tape, and stickyness.

and when stapling, staple from one side, then its neigbour, dont worry about the taughtness till you do the adjacent sides, and make sure its completely flat and nice. i know there's professional screen stretching and stuff... but mine looks pretty much the same as the professional ones i've used?

I'm pretty chuffed with the way it turned out. :) and it kind of shows that if i can do it... all of us can do it and give it a go at home. :)

So this frame in the pictures is jus the right size to have an a4 print in it, and cost me under £2. and i can use it until the fabric gives out - and i have lots of replacement fabric.

Of course i'll keep you posted, i'll be screen printing a limited edition the 'chode' design [link] for Avenge Thee + Naime hopefully on shirts and a few totebags too (maybe a few paper prints) :) let me know if you're interested and i'll put one/some by for you :)


  1. screen looks great, and thanks for the linkage :)

  2. What fabric did you use vicky?