Saturday, 12 June 2010

Avenge Thee + Naime

here's some stuff that i've done for them so far:

It started off with horses... and hair, then, someone pointed out that what i was drawing looked like a beard, and the guys from Avenge Thee liked the beard idea... so, i've been told to go along with that.  This would be for shirt ideas, but i like the idea of abstracting the detail and using it for the album art, and i also looked at applying the hair design to the CD's
This would probably be for the single named 'Ear of the Horse'

They also have a song called 'chode' which i was interested in doing some illustrations for.

For those who do not know, a Chode is a penis that is shorter or equal in length to its width, i spent alot of time on this drawing, but unfortunately some members of the band did not deem them suitable. :(

I'd like to make clear that, i suppse that this shirt is simply for shock factor, i spoke to alot of people about this design, while i was drawing it, and i understand that people might not be willing to wear such a ddesign, but, i also understand that there are people that'd do anything to stand out/ make a scene kind of thing... i personally think it would sell. Obv this is just an initial sketch, i haven't gone on to do anything with this since they vetoed it.

 I'd love to know what everyone thinks :)

You can listen to Avenge Thee + Naime through their myspace, or buy their songs on amazon:

Red Car
Massive Massive Massive Massive Massive Feet
Broken Hand
Chainy's Song
Song 2


  1. i like the detail on the beard and on the cd, very cool.

    the penis is well drawn but i wouldn't wear it


  2. I think jacqueline could definately pull that shirt off

  3. well i don't usually wear t-shirts, but if you make it a pattern on a pretty vintage dress then most definitely.

  4. haha that would be cool i think.

    seen from afar it looks like a nice pattern, perhaps a bird with wings outspread, only when inspected closer it reveals its true penial nature