Sunday, 6 March 2011


This week i put up some drawings in the Maidstone Hazlit Theatre's 'Through the looking glass' window as part of MVAN (Maidstone Visual Art Network) They are putting different Maidstone artists work in their each month.

Brilliant idea and all.

But it appears Maidstone Borough Council doesn't appreciate nudity.
I was kindly asked to remove them as they were giving people the wrong impression about the Hazlit, MBC and MVAN.

Well, this is what was in the window last month...
I don't think i've been posting much of the work i've been doing for this project because its all WIP and indended to go onto a different blog ( as its collaborative with Jacqueline Marie Who was part of Whirlygig Collective.

This is some snap shots of what i put up (excuse the terrible photos)

Some kind of close ups if this helps? 

 Well this is what it looks like now. i'm debating whether i should replace the work or leave it like it is?

 Ahh i dont know.
It's nice to know that this space is sucessful in the sence that people have been seeing it.... even if they have been complaining? Maidstone, you suck.

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