Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Brighton Zine Festival

Brighton Zine Festival is this weekend. [link]

here's a sneak peak of what i will be bringing

my first lil mini 'le gun' style 16pg zine (since uni)


  1. Hi! I was at the fair today and saw that on that back of this zine there's another one about salmons, but it wasn't for sale. Is there anyway I can buy it online? Thanks!!

  2. Sooon! :) sorry i havent finished him. but if you want to inbox me your email i will let you know when he is?

    this post makes me happy :)

  3. heeeeey
    got the little bear book, its fantastic, thank you so much for getting it safely to me =]
    make many more then please do let me know ^_^


    all the best
    Thea x

  4. I'd love the bear book! Looks wonderful.